How to Enjoy Cannabis Flower

A common method of ingesting cannabis comes in the form of flower, which can be inhaled through smoke or vapor. A glass pipe or water pipe may be used, and the activation time is almost immediate and the effects can linger up to a few hours. Cannabis flower is minimally processed, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a quicker activation time than edibles or tinctures.

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Cannabis Flower Strains and Benefits

Our Flower Cannabis Dispensary in Denver offers a wide range of high-quality dried cannabis flower from trusted vendors. Flower can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes and is available in the following strains: 


  • Sativa – This cannabis strain offers a lower dose of CBD and a higher dose of THC. Effects are generally energizing and can give the feeling of increased productivity and creativity. Many people also enjoy the anxiety-reducing effects.
  • Indica – The indica strain of cannabis contains a higher level of CBD, which makes it popular for calming, nighttime use. The relaxing effects can also help reduce pain and nausea, while increasing one’s appetite.
  • Hybrid – Sativa and indica strains can be combined into a hybrid variety, which is grown for specific benefits like stress reduction or lessening the side effects of chemotherapy.
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Types of Cannabis Flower Products

Our flower cannabis dispensary in Denver offers cannabis connoisseurs the choice between a variety of dried flower products with various aromas, potencies, and effects. Choose from the following dried flower products:


  • Shake/Trim – These essentially refer to what remains after the cannabis flower is picked over and used. Shake consists of the small pieces of flower that fall to the bottom of a container, while trim is the extra part of the plant that the grower removes while harvesting.
  • Small buds – These are also referred to as “popcorn buds” for their relative size to the popular snack. Small buds are a byproduct of full-sized flower after it is trimmed and packaged, but they also grow this size on the cannabis plant.
  • Infused buds – These buds are enhanced with the addition of hash oil, creating a particularly potent and smooth experience.

Our flower cannabis dispensary is Denver’s premium destination for recreational and medical cannabis. Contact us today for more information or visit our store to speak with an experienced staff member.