Learning all there is to know about cannabis can be mind-boggling, so we’ve compiled some helpful resources to keep you in the know. Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis or you simply want to brush up on the latest news, our resources can help.


If you’re a newcomer to cannabis, you probably have a lot of questions. From choosing a strain and type of product to understanding how cannabis will affect you, there’s much to learn about this unique plant. Our guide covers all of the basics, so you can be confident in ordering a product that’s right for you. Whether you’re curious about the differences between THC and CBD, indica and sativa, or edibles and shatter, you’re sure to find what you’re searching for in our comprehensive guide.

Mile High Dispensary has a staff of expert budtenders who are available to answer your questions and provide unique product recommendations. We love to share our knowledge with others, and our goal is to always give our customers the best cannabis experience possible. Our experience and expertise allows us to help our customers discover the best products for their unique needs. We stay informed so we can offer you superior service.

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Ordering your favorite cannabis products is now easier than ever! We offer convenient online ordering for same-day, in-store pickup. Simply browse through our offerings of recreational or medical products, place your order, and stop by our store. Please note that any order not picked up during business hours on the order date will need to be reordered.

Colorado Cannabis Laws

We encourage our customers to stay updated on current Colorado cannabis laws for recreational and medical use. While retail cannabis is legalized at the state level, the rules may differ by city, county, educational institution, and employer. State laws cover everything from buying and selling to using and growing marijuana. As a consumer, it’s important to remain aware of where cannabis use is and isn’t permitted. For instance, cannabis is still prohibited under federal law, so it’s not legal to consume cannabis on federal land, such as in national parks and forests.